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The business world is entirely information-driven. The bulk of the job consists of communicating with other people, most often in writing. Most business people are called on to write presentations, proposals, memos, business requirements, promotional copy, training materials, grant proposals, and a range of other documents.

Jesse Sannicandro

The lack of writing skills is a bigger handicap with every passing year. Spending some time seriously to improve your writing can result in a marked improvement in your promotional prospects. There’s no substitute for practice, but here are a few tips to put you on the right track!

  • Proofreading

Go through your content immediately after you write, and then again after a few days later. It is embarrassing to have a typo in an otherwise fine document. People judge you for those mistakes anyway, and harshly. Always give yourself time to set your writing aside and come back to it later. The brain sometimes ignores errors, also some time working on something else will give you the detachment you need to catch those errors before anyone else reads them.

Jesse Sannicandro

  • Be professional

All business communications are considered mostly formal, which isn’t necessary or even very productive. Formal language is fine for job applications. At the same time, informal shouldn’t mean unprofessional – keep the personal comments, off-color jokes, and gossip out of your business communications. Be professional in your manners rather than being formal in grey. It will impress your clients and at the same time, you can losen yourself a little.

  • Less is always more

In business writing, concision matters. As written information becomes more and more important to the smooth functioning of businesses, people are less willing to read. Also, the magazines that used to run 2,000-word features are cutting back to 500-words. Use words sparingly, avoid long, meandering sentences.

Jesse Sannicandro

  • Call to action

Most business communication is meant to achieve some purpose, so they include a call to action – something that the reader is expected to do. Write down a set of proper instructions. Don’t leave it to your readers to decide what to do with the information you’ve provided.

  • Save templates

Whenever you write a good letter, email, or other documents, there are chances you’ll be writing a similar document in the future, hence, you need to save it as a template for future use. As rushing through writing is one of the main causes of typos and other errors, saving time by using a pre-written document can save you time. Just make sure to remove any specific information before using it as a copy.

Jesse Sannicandro

Jesse Sannicandro being the renowned professional writer, graduated in B.A. from Framingham State University. In the year 2016, at FSU’s Office of Career Services and Employer Relation, he worked as a professional writing intern. Being an experienced, thoughtful, detailed-oriented worker, he has attained remarkable prestige in the field of writing.

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How Writing Is Connected To Reading? – Jesse Saanicandro

Jesse Sannicandro
Jesse Sannicandro

Writing is a journey throughout. When a writer starts writing, he feels it like his own journey.  Writing comes naturally to some people but if someone is interested in writing, they can develop effective skills to write for their satisfaction. In this journey, Reading plays a major role in collecting thoughts and ideas.

Writing affects Reading as well as Reading affects Writing. I do read a lot before starting writing any piece. Reading directly or indirectly helps to learn new things. In addition, reading provides people with prior knowledge that they can use in their writing.Jesse Sannicandro

Hence, Writing is transmitting that knowledge in printed form to the public. Therefore reading plays a major role in writing.

On the same note, Writing is as helpful with Reading. An increase in how often one writes improves one’s reading comprehension. While creating your enormous ideas through writing, the mind concisely looks for perfect use of words or sentences, which enhances the chances of a human being to read multiple articles or books in order to find the satisfaction of effective words.

Which one came first is not as important as the fact that without one the other cannot exist. One’s literacy development is dependent on this interconnection between reading and writing.


Techniques that you can Emulate from Creative Writing into your Essay: Professional Jesse Sannicandro

You wouldn’t have thought the common similarities between essays and creative writing. Creative writing pertains to content with imagination while essays are formulated on the basis of concepts based on factual analysis and results.

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In reality, there are some writing techniques that you can extract from creative writing and incorporate into your essay. Want to know what they are? Have a look below to gain the idea from the comprehensive summary.


  • Target Audience

Before starting your writing, think about the target audience. While writing a piece of creative writing, readers are primarily targeted. Similarly, you need to follow the same practice while writing any essay content. So, there are some points where you need to focus on:

  • As teachers are going to evaluate your essay, so you have to formulate content as per their requirement.
  • During the answering process, you need to consider some points; you need to focus on plagiarism-free content with an unusual approach.
  • To make the content interesting, implement creative structures after deep thinking.
  • Make the structure easy to understand, readable and succinct.

Jesse Sannicandro

While presenting the matter, create interest among readers; so feed content accordingly. With little analytical thinking, you can turn your essays into a creative and interesting one.

  • Focus on Opening

An attention-grabbing opening can create interest among readers similarly in creative writing. Writers before starting the essay should know what they should feed to create a chain of interest among readers. Jotting down some interesting facts about the essay based on research data and analysis can compel readers to read further.

  • Cite More Examples of Surroundings

Focusing on technical facts throughout the whole essay cannot create interest among readers. Try to form a chain of content like in creative writing. For example, you can create a categorized structure depending on each other. For example, if you are writing any content, divide them into two or three structures.

jesse sannicandro

  • Editing

After performing the writing procedure, read the content again and again. Find out the changes that can be made and implement amendments to make them more interactive.

  • Use Extended Metaphors

Same as creative writers, you can use extended metaphors for a              better depiction of knowledge to audiences. This is equally applicable to writing essays also.

  • Follow Three-act Structure

The three-act structure is used in modern writing especially for film and television dramas. But how three-structure has the link with essays? Below are the points that help you in giving the proper detail.

jesse sannicandro

  • You can put the central argument of your essay as the main character (like in creative writing);
  • The introduction and conclusion of creative content can be compared with the set-up and resolution of the essay.

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Jesse Sannicandro: Fuelling the Writing to Attain Creativity

Writing a piece of content and writing a piece of unique content has a vast difference. Businesses are wholly relying on content-based platforms to target audience, which further help them in converting leads.

Jesse Sannicandro

Before opting for any product or service, customers acquire knowledge through their content. If content subjects are capable of creating interests in readers or customers, then, they can easily achieve success.

Pro Tip – Turning a creative piece of writing into a unique one requires creativity. You can either take the help of expert writing professionals for gaining alleviating heights for your businesses.

For example, you can take the help of Jesse Sannicandro for turning your writing into a creative approaching platform. With years of experience, Jesse Sannicandro has been catering to the demands of businesses in every domain. Even, you can follow some pro tips, given below, to achieve the desired target.

jesse sannicandro

Proven Ways to provide fuel to Writing

  • Reading

To become a great writer and crafting a piece of unique content, we should focus on reading. Reading popular blogs will help you to gain knowledge while transforming any piece of content into a unique idea.

If you like any writer, then you can follow the blogs of him; this will help you in gaining knowledge and brushing up your skills.

  • Observance

A greater writer should be a great observer. Molding real-life situations for creating a creative piece of writing requires great observance. Adding day-to-day situations in context with writing makes your content more impactful and meaningful.

jesse sannicandro

  • Listening

Approaching recommendations of others while drafting a piece of content or writing will help you in gaining new conclusions and results. For example, you can take the help of authors or writers or follow their guidelines for approaching the desired writing format.

“Every cloud has a silver lining”, this is definitely true, from others, you can definitely extract ample amount of suggestions while drafting your content; the reason is that a piece of writing constitutes different sub-structures that you need to follow.

  • Extracting Information from Practical Experiences

Gaining information from practical experiences will help you in imparting genuine and interesting facts.

jesse sannicandro

For example, if you are working on a traveling blog, then you can visit the place to gain experience and other essentials; travelers visiting the place will definitely find them useful and exploring the page.

If you are looking for a creative writer for your business, then, you can take the help of Jesse Sannicandro offering writing services for multiple platforms.

4 Ways to Improve Writing Skills: Professional Jesse Sannicandro

As we all know that Good writing skills are essential for any profession. However, it’s relatively simple to brush up on skills like skiing and public speaking: just practice more. But improving your writing ability is a little trickier. If you do nothing but increase your output, you probably won’t see a corresponding increase in quality. Fortunately, there are several methods writers can use to hone their craft.

jesse sannicandro

Reveal some easy and effective ideas. 

  • Read Everything

Most writers got their start as voracious readers—so you probably already spend a lot of time reading. However, if you’re only reading one type of content, think about broadening your literary horizons.

Exposure to a wide range of styles, subjects, and forms teaches you new techniques and gives you fresh inspiration.

  • Read a Writing Manual

While you’re at it, make sure you’ve got at least one writing-related book in rotation at all times. Reading the foundational writing texts is an essential part of every professional writer’s journey.

Jesse Sannicandro

  • Take an Online Course

Learning by doing is great, but sometimes, you want a straightforward explanation of concepts and best practices. So, you can take an online course- it can help you to improve your writing skills, even when you’re at home.

  • Rewrite Old Pieces

Reading your old work should make you cringe: It shows you’re improving. To simultaneously benchmark your progress and hone your skills, pick up an old piece and make it better.

You can either make light edits or do a total rewrite, depending on the quality of the piece. Take note of what you’re changing. Is your tone different? Are there structural errors? Do you need more or less explanation?

Jesse Sannicandro

Once you go back to your current work, try to stay conscious of the mistakes you found so you don’t repeat them.

Aside from these ways, you can try loads of effective ideas, while improving writing skills. And if you want to learn those ideas then you can take assistance from professionals like Jesse Sannicandro. He helps needy people in improving their teaching skills by providing loads of essential tactics and resources.

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Jesse Sannicandro: Provoking Business Cultures with Unique Writing Styles

Undoubtedly, content is one of the most important regions of the dominating System. A product’s face is acknowledged as per their content quality.

With millions of content in the market, why one should choose your services? Authenticity, versatility, and other such factors are needed to be approached. For crafting a unique piece of art outstanding from others, one should emulate some concepts mentioned below.


Pitching the Core Value

Writing a great piece of content requires some consideration. Pointing out the consequences with emotions will help you in drafting your content in a specified vector. For example, if you are writing on your vacation, then you can cite the emotional connectivity related to your trip.

Incorporate Unique Findings

Great writers focus on every minute detail during dictation. No one knows what one likes or dislikes. Whether it is writer’s little reaction or a place’s peculiarity, writers cover all around.


Try to Describe the Situation with Clarity

Readers always look to figure out interesting facts with a vivid explanation that can create interest. Elaborate the scenario in an extensive way and compelling manner.

Presents the Cases with a Spin

Presentation plays an important role in every sphere. Using impactful words directly influences the quality of the content. In brief, we can say that writers should approach creativity by playing with words.

An Affair with the Main Subject

While putting creativity into the content, don’t get distracted from the main streamline. The purpose of creativity is to gain knowledge without being bored. If you have shown creativity without spelling the main theme, then readers cannot find the content fruitful.


Strictness with the Detail

From a protagonist to villains, writers well know to hold the characters during the formulation of the content. For a better depiction of stories or matter, these factors are a matter of concern.

Follow the Writing Rules

While formulating a piece of content, rules play a crucial role. Quality has a direct relation with rules. Irrespective of quality content, a unique piece of content can be rejected.

Jesse Sannicandro, a professional and creative writer, has been assisting business writing services with versatile writing skills which one can take at an affordable price.

Jesse Sannicandro: Get Benefit from Professional Writing Services

Content has been playing a major role in enhancing productivity in various sectors. The productivity of any business is directly linked to its content. With some tips, one can easily evaluate their writing skills. And if you want to improve your writing skills then there are loads of tactics that you can consider.

Some proven tactics are here to Evaluate Writing Skills

  • Assessing Writers Background

Before hiring any writer for your business project, one should approach some criteria for the extensive evaluation.

Jesse Sannicandro

Consider the age and experience, of the writer, in the writing field. Apart from the age and experience in writing different content formats, one should focus on educational qualifications. Rich educational qualifications also have a direct connection with analytical skills.

  • Schedule Test

Based on the given work format, you can design a test for accessing the writer’s potential. The level of the test should be in accordance with the assigned working level (the project on which you want to hire writers). Focus on language proficiency, grammatical skills, vocabulary, and other linguistic accuracies.


  • Instruct Clearly with Guidelines

Before allotting the test to writers, suggest them to follow important instructions. For example, you can guide writers with the following instructions:

  • About the Time Limit
  • Prescribed Length
  • The Motive of the Assignment
  • Judgment Criteria

Make an overall judgment considering grammar and other types of linguistic knowledge. Apart from the core findings, also, check the language fluency, content quality in context with the requirement, presentation, and mastery over other skills.

  • Extensive Evaluation

Tip#1 Check Writing Conventions

Good writers, having good writing experience, do not make spelling mistakes, common pattern errors, and rules. If a few mistakes are available, then it can be considered, otherwise, do not consider.

Jesse Sannicandro

        Tip#2 Check the Capitalization

Also, check whether the proper nouns, adjectives, and first word are properly capitalized; if not, suggest amendments.  Evaluate different elements of grammar.

          Tip#3Check Syntax

Individual sentences and clauses should have a relation with the suggested syntax so that they together form a meaningful meaning.

For example, you can focus on the word order in sentences. Check out the application of conjunctions used in the particular sentence. Varieties have great meaning in a piece of content. You can evaluate on the basis of different varieties like interrogative sentences, declarative sentences, and other formats.

So, if you’re looking for a competent writer or to get quality writing assistance in different domains, one can trust the name, “Jesse Sannicandrohaving diverse knowledge in different domains related to the content building. As a writer, Mr. Jesse Sannicandro has been serving different areas of businesses through this impressive and versatile writing style.

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With great experience, Jesse Sannicandro is providing content-writing services at affordable rates which one can choose for the different type of get engaged with him today and enhance your writing skills productively.

Jesse Sannicandro: How To Be Self Motivated and Inspired To Write Your Best Short

Writing is the inspiration that makes a good impact on your life. Writing is a good habit and this habit became your best friend. Due to this, you can share everything like feelings, stress, and happiness through write on the page or the use of a computer.

Some people didn’t express their feeling in the front of friends or family they can use writing as a friend or family member to express their all feeling. They feel relax and happy after writing their thoughts.

Jesse Sannicandro

“Write without fear and edit without Mercy”

Writing can help you to improve your social writing skills; with the help of your social skills, you can fulfill the social responsibilities. Which gives you a better image of you?

No matter how much you love writing, one inspiration can help you to write something new or creative. In a professional way, you just need an inspiration that helps you become a better writer.

Sources of inspiration

Some people have no idea where they get inspired to write a good content. For better inspiration, people don’t use online resources, which are available for free. Go online through the internet and search for some novels and blogs or article read them carefully.

Jesse Sannicandro

Does this on a daily basis I am you will get inspiration as soon as possible to write something unique content. You can also get inspiration from Magazines, Movies, Forums, Art and many more.

Surprise Yourself

Sometimes people realize they have no any writing skills to write a good content, but it’s not true because we learn mostly from mistakes. Sometimes mistakes will surprise you with new creative things. This the best part of your writing adventure, you can be inspired by your mistakes.

Jesse Sannicandro

You just need to write not think too much about like what I am doing, I am writing a bed content more and more. Explore something new from your mistakes and get ready to write a good content.

Think Positive with An Positive Attitude

Human mentality is thinking negative at the bad situation and doing bad things and also loses their hope. But we have to remember about the positivity. Positivity is the power that can help us to stand stronger and never give up in any critical situation.

If you write something that not work and, in this situation, you think positive then you have the power to change that situation into a good experience. Positive attitude and positive thinking is the only weapon to get succeed. Use this weapon in every situation.

Jesse Sannicandro

Write like a daily job and inspires yourself daily bases from little things. I am sure you will get your goal by doing these all things. You have to do one thing always take advice from an expert writer that will improve your creativity and gives you a better platform to express yourself.

Jesse Sannicandro being the renowned professional writer graduated in B.A. from Framingham State University. In the year 2016, at FSU’s Office of Career Services and Employer Relation, he becomes the professional writing intern. Being experienced, thoughtful, detailed-oriented worker, he has attained the remarkable prestige in the field of writing.

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Jesse Sannicandro: Making Writing a Little More Fun While Keeping Content Alive

Writing is an amazing art in which we can explain our feelings and emotions to the next person. People thought writing is difficult and they have no potential to do this work.


But it’s wrong; writing is a creative task, which can be mastered with constant practice and perseverance. You just need to remember some writing rules, which are surely helping you to become a good writer.

“If you want to change the world pick up your pen and write”

If you want to become a good writer, firstly you need to believe in yourselves then, need to focus on day by day activates and write solely on page which will help you to improve your writing skills.


We know very well, we are not writers, but a storyteller. That is the reason; people have in their mind and can’t have the ability to write. That is not true, believe on your goal, and work hard as much as you can, give your best.

And, writing is more of an art, the expression of communication that we have been practicing for years. So that won’t be a tough task to ask.

Try To Figure Out Your Writing Problems

Write anything you want and give your mind a break from overthinking, it will be right or wrong, at least you have written what you feel about, just let it go.

To enjoy your writing, we advise you to spend time on it is a lot like a regular job! This could be a great help for you to figure out your writing issues. Keep on writing is the only way to improve the skills.


Forget your fear about writing, feel free then write your thoughts on the page. Practice is the only key to become a good writer.

Be Inspired

In our daily lifestyle, we learn or inspires with many things, that gives us new thinking about our life. Read different types of novels and newspaper on daily purpose, I am sure you will be inspired by anything, especially the one that touches your heart and gives you the power to never give up. Inspiration is the only source in which we can think creatively and develop our ideas or skills about writing.


Take An Advice From the Expert

If you write something and you don’t know whether it is good or bad then shares your writing work with an expert or friend. That will help you to figure out the problems as it is the best chance to improve your writing skills and taking it to next level.


Write with a positive mind only after analyses the entire problem then work on it. Motivate yourself and face the truth. This is the only key to success. Jesse Sannicandro being writing intern at FSU’s office of career services and employer relations is graduated from framing ham state university. He is an expert in providing assistance in television, Photocopier, printer, and television.

If you want to grow yourself in writing then Mr. Jesse is the best expert, who helps you all the way to writing success.

Jesse Sannicandro: Follow Your Passion with Commitment

Jesse Sannicandro

By definition, writers are the ardent creatures having their days spent huddled over keyboards while tapping out portions of their nuggets and soul.

Writing is the art that is being defined as the part of writer but it is definitely not the whole thing as writers are usually multi-dimensional, complex, and ever-evolving individual. Passion being the fuel of writers inspires them to explore and research characters, setting and plots. Are you aware passionate writing can grasp the attention of reader, right from the first sentence? Though creative and financial blockages, writers are able to craft their thoughts into fascinating expression of words that have power to inspire the reader.

Jesse Sannicandro

Passionate writing does not mean that one needs to write about erotica or romance. Writing with passion symbolizes one writes authentically and from the core of their heart. Thinking why passion is vital and how one can enforce passion in writing? Writing can never be easy, some of writers choose it to be their career choice and some practice it just for their fun.

Expert professional writers even say that, “Follow you dreams and never settle on the job you don’t adore working”. However, becoming the writer is not as easy as it seems to be, as it demands regular practice.  

Mesmerize the feeling how different it would be the career that you are consistently fanatical about what you are doing. Jesse Sannicandro being detail oriented, curious and thoughtful individual has attained his desired success as professional writer with utmost passion. Now he is enjoying the superb position of installation coordinator at fleetmatics. Hence rightly said, one must believe, “secret of becoming a renowned writer is writing, writing and only writing”.